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GJZKK Series High-Efficiency Energy-Saving Large Horizontal Screen

GJZKK Series High-Efficiency Energy-Saving Large Horizontal Screen.png

What Makes Us Special

Heavy-Duty High-Precision Helical Gear Transmission & Imported Bearings for Vibration Machinery: Ensures the stability and reliability of the vibrator operation.
Vibrator Mounting Beam Made of High-Strength Steel Plate: Utilizes a double H-structure design, specialized automated welding tools, and high weld seam strength, complying with international welding standards.
Screen Surface Cross Beam Made of High-Strength Structural Steel: Features a rectangular cross-sectional structure design, with the surface that contacts materials coated with polyurea or bonded with high wear-resistant rubber for protection.
High-Precision Polyurethane Screen Panel: Offers a high opening rate on the screening surface, providing wear resistance and a long service life.


GJZKK Series High-Efficiency Energy-Saving Large Horizontal Screen. Mainly used for the classification of fine-grained raw coal in coal preparation plants, and the dewatering, desliming, and demudding of medium coal, fine coal, and gangue. It is also applicable in mineral processing plants for the wet or dry classification of fine-grained ores after crushing and grinding, as well as the cleaning, dewatering, desliming, and demudding of ores. Used for primary grinding classification, it replaces spiral classifiers and cyclones, improving classification efficiency and reducing grinding circuit load. The feed particle size is ≤100mm. It features 6 independent patented technologies.

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