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ZJG Series High-Frequency Vibrating Fine Screen

ZJG Series High-Frequency Vibrating Fine Screen.png

What Makes Us Special

Multiple Screen Boxes Stacked, 1-5 Layers: Offers flexibility in feed distribution.
Vibration Frequency at 24Hz: Can be customized with frequency adjustment and remote monitoring.
Polyurethane Fine Screen Mesh: High opening rate, wear-resistant, non-clogging, long lifespan.
Patented Non-Metallic Shear Spring: Stable and reliable, reduced foundation load, low noise.
Suitable Feeding Box for Material Screening: Rational distribution improves efficiency, reduces slurry impact.
Sealing Between Screen Mesh and Body: Prevents leakage, ensures yield.
Optional Accessories: Includes mineral splitter, maintenance platform, frequency adjustment, and remote monitoring.


High-frequency vibrating fine screens can achieve wet classification of fine-grained minerals and are widely used in mineral selection, coal selection, mineral processing, chemical raw materials, and food processing industries. They are used in coal plants for precise coal slurry classification, reducing ash content and improving quality. This product utilizes one proprietary invention patent and three utility model patents.

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