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HXS Series Curved Screen

HXS Series Curved Screen.png

What Makes Us Special

Application: Suitable for wet screening in coal selection, mineral selection, and other industries.
Function: Used for demulsification, dehydration, and grading operations.
Design: Generally installed before the power screen to optimize the number and area of screens needed.
Structure: Simple and lightweight.
Footprint: Small, making it space-efficient.
Performance: Provides good separation effects without easily clogging.


The HXS Series is suitable for the wet screening of fine and micro-particle materials in coal and mineral selection industries, the demulsification of selected products, and the dehydration and grading operations in the grinding circuit. It is generally installed before the power screen and used in conjunction with it to reduce the number or area of power screens. This screening machine has a simple and lightweight structure, occupies a small footprint, offers good separation effects, and materials are not easily clogged.

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