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JYAg Series Coke Vibrating Screen

JYAg Series Coke Vibrating Screen.png

What Makes Us Special

Suitable for Various Particle Sizes: Can be used for the classification of coke of different granularities.
Years of Research: Developed through extensive research, building on the company's experience in coke screening.
Mobility: The screen is designed to be movable, offering flexibility in operation.
Dust Prevention: Features a design to prevent dust, enhancing the working environment.
Customizable Screen Meshes: Equipped with different forms of screen meshes, tailored to different types of coke.


This series of vibrating screens is suitable for the classification of various particle sizes of coke. It is the result of many years of research by our company, summarizing the experience of coke screening. This series of vibrating screens features mobility, dust prevention, and is equipped with different types of screen meshes to cater to different types of coke.

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