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LKSX, LKTD Series Cold Ore Vibrating Screen

LKSX, LKTD Series Cold Ore Vibrating Screen.png

What Makes Us Special

Temperature Suitability: Designed for grading cold sintered ore with temperatures below 150℃.
LKS Type Features: Eccentrically offset self-synchronous vibrator, equipped with secondary isolation frame and rubber composite spring.
LKSX Type Features: Dual motor-driven self-synchronization with a bottom-set box-type vibrating screen structure.
LKTD Type Features: Eccentrically offset elliptical equal-thickness screen, dual motor synchronous drive, secondary isolation, and rubber composite springs.
Primary Applications: Suitable for the grading of medium and fine-grained materials in industries such as coal, metallurgy, and mining.


This series of vibrating screens uses a shaft eccentric type vibrator, and the screen box's motion trajectory is circular, with a simple structure, light vibrating weight, and minimal maintenance requirements. Mainly used in coal, metallurgy, mining, power generation, building materials, water conservancy engineering, light industry, and chemical industries for dry and wet grading of various medium and fine-grained bulk materials.

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