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GZT Series Vibrating Rod Feeder

What Makes Us Special

Uniform Feeding: Specially designed for large materials.
Screening Function: Filters out fine impurities like dirt.
Enhanced Crushing Capacity: Maximizes crusher operation.
Robust Structure: Cold riveting ensures durability and impact resistance.
Wide Application: Particularly suitable for crushing construction stones and metallic ores.


The GZT series rod feeder is primarily designed for the uniform feeding of large materials. Additionally, due to the action of the bar screening surface, it can also filter out fine materials such as dirt, thus achieving a screening function. This enables the crusher to operate at its maximum capacity. The machine's structure is frame-based, utilizing cold riveting with circular groove rivets, ensuring high structural strength, wear resistance, and impact resistance. It is particularly suitable for feeding in the crushing of construction stones and metallic ores.

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