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Industrial & Commercial Solid Waste Disposal System


Anzhong specializes in Resource Recovery Solutions, providing innovative systems for recycling and waste management. Our tailored solutions handle a variety of waste materials, integrating advanced processes like sorting, shredding, and recycling to reduce landfill usage and support a circular economy. Contact Anzhong to enhance your waste management with our efficient and environmentally responsible solutions.



Anzhong presents an effective solution for waste management and profit generation. Utilizing a two-stage shredding system comprising a double-shaft shredder followed by a fine shredder, the material is processed and sorted with a magnetic separator. The two-way belt conveyor then transports the combustible materials to the RDF forming machine, where fuel rods are created, ready to be sold to thermal power plants. Alternatively, these materials can be directed to a hydraulic baler for compressed baling, and then sold externally. This integrated system not only facilitates efficient waste disposal but also opens a profitable avenue for recycling resources.

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 The aim of this utility model is to provide a drum screen body for garbage sorting, cleaning, or other mineral particle size grading.
Shape of Drum: The drum body shape can be circular, conical, or polygonal.
Structure: The drum body frame consists of multiple drum units connected by bolts or rivets, and it's connected to supporting components and driving components to form the drum screen body.
Friction Drive: Utilizing friction-driven transmission, there are no driving components on the drum body.
Installation Tilt Angle: Besides the conical type, the drum screen machine has an installation tilt angle of 5° to 15°, allowing large screened materials to be smoothly discharged.
Efficiency: The drum screening machine enables the material to rotate and flip inside the drum, enhancing the screening efficiency.







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bulky waste

Process Flow

Anzhong is your one-stop solution for comprehensive Construction & Demolition Waste Disposal. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and engineering expertise, we provide the full suite of equipment and services needed to transform your waste into valuable resources. From pre-screening and shredding to sorting and aggregate optimization, our state-of-the-art machinery ensures high efficiency, stability, and sustainability. Our customized solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs, while our dedicated support team stands ready to assist you every step of the way. Choose Anzhong, and take a decisive step towards responsible waste management, environmental stewardship, and maximized resource utilization. Together, we build a greener future!


Feeding System

Collection and Transportation: The waste is collected and transported to the processing plant. The feeding system is to receive and convey the mixed waste materials


Pre-Screening Equipment

Pre-Sorting and Pre-Screening: Removal of large, non-processable items and initial separation. The screenung equipemnt is to segregate large and bulky items


Crushing and Shredding Machines

Shredding and Crushing: Reducing the size of the waste to manageable levels. The crusher is to reduce the size of solid wastes.


Magnetic Separators

Metal Separation: Extraction of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The magnetic sperator is for removing metals.


Sorting Machines

Sorting and Separation: Automated or manual separation of materials like plastics, glass, wood, concrete, etc. The sorting machine is to separate materials by type (such as plastics, wood, concrete).


Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning and Washing: If needed, to remove impurities. Cleaning equipment is to remove dust and impurities


Aggregate Optimization Machines

Aggregate Production: Crushing and screening to produce usable aggregates. It is to produce usable aggregates from crushed materials.


Packing and Compression Equipment

Packing and Compression: Compacting materials for transport or further processing. It is to compact materials for easy transport or further processing.


Dust Removal Systems

Dust Control: Ensuring that dust and other airborne particles are minimized. The system is to control air quality


Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment: If necessary, treatment and recycling of water used in the process. It is for cleaning and recycling water.

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The products featured here are just a selection of our recommended offerings, designed to cater to a variety of basic needs. However, we recognize that every project and application may have unique and specific requirements. If you are in search of specially tailored solutions or have specific needs and queries about our showcased products, our team of expert engineers is at your service.

Feel free to reach out to our professional engineers to explore more styles and options, ensuring you find the solution that perfectly fits your needs and budget. No matter the scale or complexity of your project, we are committed to delivering excellence in service and innovative solutions.

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