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GDZS Series High-Efficiency Unit Combination Vibrating Screen

GDZS Series High-Efficiency Unit Combination Vibrating Screen.png

What Makes Us Special

Processing Capability: The processing ability per unit area is 1.5 to 2 times that of typical conventional vibrating screens, with a screening efficiency of over 95%.
Reduced Weight and Load: Compared to regular screens, the weight per unit area of vibration is nearly reduced by 50%, with decreased single-point dynamic load, lowering foundation strength requirements.
Multiple Vibration Frequencies: Each screen has two or more vibration frequencies, ensuring no resonance between the machine body and the foundation, providing reliable operation.
Modular Design: The screen machine is designed with modularity, allowing independent maintenance for each unit and interchangeable spare parts, contributing to the development of large-scale screens.
Low Noise Level: The working noise is low, with actual measurements on the working site only between 85 to 90 dB(A).


The GDZS series high-efficiency unit combination vibrating screen, designed using 4 patented technologies independently researched, is suitable for the dry screening of sticky fine-grain coal with particle sizes less than 50mm (containing moisture of 7-14%; grading particle sizes of 3-13mm). It is also applicable to the dry screening of sticky fine-grain minerals of other types with particle sizes less than 50mm. The screen machine has achieved multi-unit, multi-stage screen surface angles, different frequencies, and different amplitudes for each unit; it solves the problems of easy clogging and low screening rate that are common with sticky fine-grain materials.

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