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YAQ/YKQ Series Large-Scale Forced Synchronous Circular Vibrating Screen

YAQ YKQ Series Large-Scale Forced Synchronous Circular Vibrating Screen.png

What Makes Us Special

Vibrator Type: Utilizes grease-lubricated block eccentric (YKQ) or thin oil-lubricated shaft eccentric (YAQ) vibrators. The thin oil-lubricated vibrator adopts a special patented sealing structure with no oil leakage and minimal maintenance.
Synchronization: Features dual-motor synchronous toothed belt forced synchronization, ensuring stable product operation.
Structural Strength: High-strength circular groove riveting structure enhances the overall strength of the screen frame, suitable for continuous production conditions.
Screen Configuration: Lighter screens are equipped with tensioned screen meshes such as metal weaving and polyurethane; heavier screens have a top layer with perforated, bar, and other plate structure screen panels, and a bottom layer with tensioned screen meshes such as metal weaving and polyurethane.


The YKQ/YAQ series large-scale forced synchronization circular vibrating screens are mainly used for dry particle size classification of crushed raw coal. They are also applied in ore processing plants for particle size classification in the crushing process.

The product is divided into light type (single, double-layer) and heavy type (single, double-layer). The feed particle size for the light type is ≤100mm; for the heavy type, it is ≤350mm.

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