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Building robust roads begins with our mix

Cement-Stabilized Soil Batching Equipment

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What makes us special

Our company's cement-stabilized soil batching equipment adopts an industrial microcomputer control system, offering strong adaptability to materials, a variety of grading options, high reliability, simple operation, compact structure, reasonable layout, and ease of installation, commissioning, and maintenance. It is widely used in the construction of base layers for high-grade highways, airports, and other projects.

What's more...

Main Feature Highlights


The control system's main components and electrical elements are sourced from internationally renowned manufacturers, ensuring reliability and strong anti-interference capabilities. It features automatic adjustment compensation and automatic fault diagnosis and alarm functions. Pre-settings for production output and material grading make real-time dynamic adjustments simple and convenient.


The mixing system employs a twin-horizontal shaft forced continuous mixer, suitable for mixing both cement-stabilized soil and lime-stabilized soil. Using liner-less technology, the mixer forms a flexible wear-resistant layer with static materials, reducing blade wear and power consumption. It avoids issues like material jamming, enhancing the mixer's reliability and cost-effectiveness. High-speed mixing ensures thorough and uniform blending, resulting in more consistent product quality.


The aggregate batching system consists of an aggregate bin, weighing belt conveyor, and gathering belt conveyor. The bin has a large individual capacity, reducing the number of refills needed. Each bin is equipped with a wall vibrator. The continuous weighing belt conveyor uses variable frequency speed control for smooth operation, with a ring-shaped side belt that prevents material retreat, deviation, and breakage. The measuring accuracy is ≤±2%.


The cement batching system comprises a cement silo and a cement weighing silo. The cement silo has a large capacity, equipped with a dust remover and an arch-breaking device. Cement measurement employs decrement measuring, with a variable frequency speed regulating feeder capable of weight-checking instantaneous cement flow and converting it into an electrical signal for the control device. The measurement accuracy is ≤±1%. Powder conveying is done in a sealed manner, ensuring no leakage or contamination.


The finished product bin uses dual pneumatic discharge gates, controlled by solenoid valves, ensuring quick and easy unloading.

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