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YKg series circular vibrating screen

YKg series circular vibrating screen.png

What Makes Us Special

Block Eccentric Vibrator: Utilizes a block eccentric vibrator, offering a simple structure and lightweight vibration mass.
Vibrator Bearing Seat: Embedded in both side plates through the seat ring, secured with ring groove rivets and high-strength bolts for reliable connection; uses a cylindrical roller bearing specifically for vibrating screens, providing large load-bearing capacity; lubricated with glycerin, eliminating oil leakage.
Bearing Seat Lubrication: Special design of lubrication holes and grooves enhances lubrication conditions, making oil injection and drainage more convenient and quick, and preventing bearing failure due to inadequate lubrication.
Rubber Spring Vibration Reduction: Uses rubber spring for damping, resulting in low working noise, which contributes to improving the working environment.
Screen Surface Configuration: Comprises a small block combination structure, including options such as steel plate punching, polyurethane rectangular holes, spring steel wire weaving, bar screen plates.


YKg series circular vibrating screen, used for coal grading operations in coal preparation plants with an input particle size of ≤200mm. It is also applied to the grading of broken ores in mineral processing plants, with an input particle size of ≤200mm.

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