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TAB(TKB) Series Amplitude-Decreasing Elliptical Vibrating Screen

TAB(TKB) Series Amplitude-Decreasing Elliptical Vibrating Screen.png

What Makes Us Special

Patented Technology: Utilizes independently researched patented technology, solving the problem of large processing capacity and high screening efficiency for vibrating screens; realizes the co-axial rotation of two groups of eccentric masses without phase difference on large vibrating screens, meeting the stable working requirements of large vibrating screens.
Finite Element Analysis: Employs finite element analysis method for dynamic analysis and optimized design of the whole screen box, enhancing the reliability of the design.
Unitized Vibrator Layout: Incorporates a unitized vibrator layout scheme, extending the service life of the large vibrating screen's vibrator.


TAB (TKB) series large-amplitude decrement elliptical vibrating screen is suitable for grading raw coal with a feed particle size of ≤400mm. It is also used in ore dressing plants for grading various crushed minerals with a feed particle size of ≤400mm. Compared to traditional circular vibrating screens of the same specifications, it has the advantages of high production capacity and screening efficiency. This solves the problem of large-scale screening for raw coal grading.

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