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GPS Series High-Frequency Linear Vibrating Screen

GPS Series High-Frequency Linear Vibrating Screen.png

What Makes Us Special

Inlet Dehydration Section: The screen installed at a 45° incline at the feed end pre-dehydrates while evenly dispersing the coal slurry, preventing the coal slurry from spilling over; the rest of the screen surface has an inclination angle of -3° to -10°.
Screen Surface Shape: Along the direction of material flow, the screen surface can be divided into a straight face or multi-segment serrated type. The serrated screen surface can repeatedly cut the slab-like coal slurry layer on the screen, achieving material turnover, loosening, and enhancing dehydration effects.
Contact Parts with Materials: Can be coated with anti-corrosion and wear-resistant layers to increase service life.


The GPS Series High-Frequency Linear Vibrating Screen is designed with 4 patented technologies and is suitable for coal preparation plants for dewatering, desliming, or wet classification of coal slurry. The feed particle size is ≤50mm.

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