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GJZX Series High-Efficiency Energy-Saving Large Banana Screen

GJZX Series High-Efficiency Energy-Saving Large Banana Screen.png

What Makes Us Special

Processing Capacity: The processing capacity per unit area is 1.5 to 2 times that of ordinary vibrating screens, with a screening efficiency of over 95%.
Weight Reduction: Compared to conventional screens, the vibrating weight per unit area is reduced by nearly 50%, with a smaller single-point dynamic load, reducing foundation strength requirements.
Multiple Vibration Frequencies: Each screen has two or more vibration frequencies, ensuring no resonance between the machine body and the foundation, for reliable operation.
Modular Design: The screen's modular design allows each unit to be independently maintained and spare parts to be interchanged, facilitating the development of larger screens.
Low Noise: The working noise is low, with actual field measurements only ranging from 85 to 90 dB (A).


The GJZX series of highly efficient and energy-saving large banana screens, boasting 7 patented technologies developed independently, are primarily used for raw coal grading in coal washing plants, as well as the dewatering, desliming, and demudding of clean coal, middlings, and gangue. When used for raw coal grading, the input particle size should be ≤400mm, and for dewatering, desliming, and demudding, the input particle size should be ≤100mm. They are also applied in mineral processing plants for the particle size grading of various minerals after crushing. The product offers advantages such as high efficiency, low energy consumption, light weight, low noise, smooth operation, and high reliability.

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